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The Importance of Accessible Travel

Accessible Travel with Cory Lee - An accessible trail in the Adirondacks in New York

An accessible trail in the Adirondacks in New York

I’m excited to interview Cory Lee of Curb Free with Cory Lee about the importance of accessible travel. Cory has traversed all seven continents and is a leading travel blogger focusing on accessibility. He frequently speaks about accessible travel at conferences around the world to inspire travelers and educate brands, attractions and destinations on how to be more accommodating to those with disabilities.

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Accessible Travel with Cory Lee - Helicopter ride over Hawaii

Helicopter ride over Hawaii.

The importance of accessible travel

I admit that I’m like many travelers who don’t realize how easy we have it. We take a seat on a plane, hop in a taxi, and visit attractions without needing a ramp, sturdy railings, or other assistance devices. While we may not need them today, plenty of people we know and care about do. And, if they aren’t needed right now, they may be in the future.

It is important for all of us to advocate for changes to include everyone. Whether it be in public and private transportation, attractions, restaurants, hotels, or other parts of the travel world.

During the interview, it was interesting to learn how Cory travels the world as a wheelchair traveler. Frankly, he has more passport stamps than I do. And I’m totally impressed with all of the wonderful experiences he has enjoyed around the world.

We talked about the challenges he faces while flying and how many destinations and tourist attractions have made their experiences more welcoming to disabled travelers. Even RV companies, National and state parks, and historic buildings have figured out to be more welcoming to this community.

It is excellent to see so many cities, business owners, and locals embrace the importance of accessible travel. And it’s a smart business decision considering how much influence this community has. According to the Administration for Community Living, disabled travelers spend over $58 billion per year on travel.

Accessible Travel with Cory Lee - Group trip to Patagonia

Group trip to Patagonia.

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Resources for disabled travelers

Cory isn’t the only one putting accessible travel in the news. I’ve noticed more online friends sharing resources and information about making life easier as a disabled traveler. Here are a few of the articles I’ve seen lately:

Additional resources can be found on Cory’s website. If you have resources to share, please do so in the comments.

Accessible Travel with Cory Lee - On a camel in Morocco

On a camel in Morocco.

Who is Cory Lee?

Cory Lee was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy when he was two years old, but he has never let it diminish his desire to travel the world. He has spent his entire life exploring new places, including Germany, England and Australia – but at times, traveling wasn’t easy. He started his blog, Curb Free with Cory Lee, in December 2013 to share what he’s learned on the road. Since then, he has traversed all seven continents and became a leading travel blogger focusing on accessibility.

Cory is a two-time Lowell Thomas Award winner for Best Travel Blog, was named the 2018 Person of the Year by New Mobility Magazine, and has won 3 Webby Awards for Best Personal Blog/Website. Over the years, he has also been featured on Travel Channel, CBS News, National Geographic, Forbes, Lonely Planet, the Los Angeles Times, and many more. He also frequently speaks about accessible travel at conferences around the world.

Accessible Travel with Cory Lee - Admiring the views in Puerto Veras Chile

Cory admiring the views in Puerto Veras Chile.

Here are a few articles that he’s written:

You can connect with Cory on his website and social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And learn more about Cory’s foundation, where he raises money to grant dream trips to other disabled travelers.

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Accessible Travel with Cory Lee - Waterfall in Iceland

Waterfall in Iceland.

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