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Guggenheim, Casco Viejo & Bacalao Pil Pil in Bilbao, Spain

Best things to do in Bilbao Spain - Lindsay Woychick - Guggenheim Museum spider - Jorge Fernandez Salas on Unsplash

Guggenheim Museum spider. Photo courtesy of Jorge Fernandez Salas on Unsplash

I’m really excited to interview Lindsay Woychick of Words By Woychick about Bilbao, Spain. Lindsay’s tips for the best things to do in Bilbao are awesome because she came to Bilbao for a study abroad program to continue learning Spanish and fell in love with the city. She loves how lively the streets are and how affordable it is to live there.

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Best things to do in Bilbao Spain - Lindsay Woychick - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao entrance - Piotr Musiol Unsplash

Entrance to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Photo by Piotr Musiol on Unsplash.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao is an industrial port city in northern Spain that is surrounded by lush, green mountains. It is the capital of the province of Bizkaia. It is famous for the Guggenheim Museum, which houses many modern and contemporary pieces of art. The building itself (and the “spider” outside) are just as famous as the art inside.

Lindsay says the city’s weather is similar to Seattle and that the best months to visit are August through October. Early fall generally has temps in the 70s and mostly sunny skies. Bilbao’s biggest festival is Aste Nagusia (“Great Week”), which is held in the last two weeks of August. The festivities begin with “txupinazo” (Basque for rocket) and there are fireworks every night.

During your visit, check out the plazas and bars of old town Casco Viejo and catch a soccer match at San Mamés Stadium (aka Catedral). Ride the Artxanda Funicular up the hillside. And go shopping at La Ribera Market, which was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records in 1990 as the most complete municipal food market.

We share a lot of resources and local suggestions in today’s podcast, but you should also check out Bilbao Turismo, the local visitor’s bureau. They are a wealth of information and can help you plan an itinerary based on your time, budget, and interests.

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Best things to do in Bilbao Spain - Lindsay Woychick - La Ría or Bilbao's River - Photo by Eduardo Kenji Amorim on Unsplash

La Ría or Bilbao’s River. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Kenji Amorim on Unsplash

Getting around Bilbao

The local airport is Bilbao Airport (BIO), which is a fifteen-minute drive to the city.

Lindsay strongly urges you to avoid renting a car when visiting Bilbao. The traffic, tolls, and lack of parking make driving a car a hassle, even for locals. The city has clean, comfortable, easy-to-use, and safe public transportation. If you must rent a car, click here for the best offers from Avis, Budget, or Hertz.

Uber and Lyft are excellent ways to get around and they also have an excellent metro system.

Best things to do in Bilbao Spain - Lindsay Woychick - view of city by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

View of the city by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Places we talked about on the podcast

Here is a map of all of the places we talked about on the podcast episode with Lindsay Woychick about Bilbao, Spain. You can zoom into the map and click on each dot to explore the city.

  • Red dots = best places to eat in Bilbao, Spain
  • Green dots = best things to do in Bilbao, Spain
  • Yellow dots = best places to stay in Bilbao, Spain

Who is Lindsay Woychick?

Lindsay Woychick is an independent contractor known for her communication strategy and copywriting currently living in the Greater Bilbao Area. In her work, she is most passionate about non-profit work, capital projects, and campaigns, as well as coalition building and influencing positive policy change.

When she’s away from her keyboard, Lindsay enjoys spending time sipping great Spanish wines alongside her husband, daughter, and French bulldog. She is motivated by running, languages, and travel. In her years of international travel, she’s visited the Bahamas, Curaçao, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain.

Best things to do in Bilbao Spain - Lindsay Woychick - La Ría or Bilbao's River

Lindsay Woychick on La Ría (aka Bilbao’s River)

Here are a few articles that she’s written:

You can connect with Lindsay on her website and on Instagram.

Main entrance view of Arriaga Theathre in Bilbao Spain

Panoramic main entrance full view of Arriaga Theatre building in the city of Bilbao Basque Country Spain

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Best things to do in Bilbao Spain - Lindsay Woychick - canal view by David Mark on Pixabay

Canal view in Bilbao. Photo by David Mark on Pixabay

Stay tuned for our next episode

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    The first photo of the article is of San Sebastian/Donosti not of Bilbao . Also Bilbao is not the capital of the Basque Country , it is the capital of the province of Bizkaia. Other than that it is a wonderful city!.

    Ongi Etorri ( Welcome)

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      Thanks for letting me know. I must have grabbed the wrong picture by mistake. I replace the picture with one of the Guggenheim. I must say that San Sebastian looks incredibly beautiful. Would love to learn about it someday on the podcast. If you know of anyone who would like to represent the city, please have them submit their information.

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