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100th Episode Special Interview with my son Timothy & $200 in Gift Cards Giveaway

Kimpton Seafire Coccoloba Daddy and Timmy

Timothy and me at the Coccoloba restaurant at Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman

Normally, I interview local experts from around the world to find out the best things to do in their city. Today, we’re doing something special by interviewing my 9-year-old son, Timothy. In this episode, we talk about why parents should travel solo with their kids, Timothy’s encounter with a stingray, and traveling to Stockholm in January.

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Solo trips with Timothy

One of the great joys in my life is traveling with my family. Unfortunately, my wife cannot travel as much as me. So, I take the kids with me as often as I can as we explore the globe.

We miss Mommy on these adventures but these trips give us a better opportunity to connect. Plus, I love being able to get all of the hugs when Mom isn’t around.

I took Timothy on his first solo trip to Honolulu shortly after he turned 5 years old. We used British Airways Avios miles to fly and a Marriott resort certificate to stay, so our only cost was food, fun, and a rental car. Our flight, hotel, and rental car cost a total of $262 for our one-week stay!


On the North Shore of Hawaii in March 2016

Over the next 12 months, we also visited Cabo, Costa Rica, and Stockholm. Cabo and Costa Rica were wonderful with great weather. Stockholm was fun, but we were there in January so some attractions were closed and it was around 20* Fahrenheit most days.

We decided to visit Grand Cayman and thaw out during Timothy’s Spring Break. By this time, Timothy was an experienced international traveler and loved the adventure. We stayed at the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa. While on the island, we visited the Cayman Turtle Centre, Cayman Caves, Stingray City, and Starfish Point Beach. And then hung around the pool as much as possible. Everything was going great until a storm in Atlanta caused us to get stuck. We didn’t get home until 48 hours after our original plans.


A stingray trying to kiss Timothy at Stingray City in Grand Cayman

One of the trips that I’ve been planning for years finally happened in Fall 2019. Timothy loves Legos, and I was able to book a trip to see the original Legoland in Billund, Denmark. We flew Business Class flights from Chicago to Amsterdam and back from Billund, Denmark, during his Fall Break. The trip was everything we could have hoped for, including a short stop in Amsterdam for some history as we explored another great international city.

Legoland Billund Denmark Timothy October 2019

Entrance to Legoland Billund

Who is Timothy Huffman?

Timothy is a student that loves sports, Legos, and puzzles. He started flying at the age of 6 weeks, has Global Entry to skip airport lines, and has traveled to 10 countries. Timothy is also pretty awesome at snowboarding and has an IKON season pass.

He is finishing up 3rd grade, yet he reads and does math problems at the level of kids much older than him. We can’t wait to start traveling again and add even more stamps to his passport.

Mont Tremblant snowboarding January 2020

Snowboarding at Mont Tremblant in January 2020

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  1. Randy Petersen

    Bravo for 100. Bravo to Timothy and his Global Entry status!


    I enjoyed the story about Costa Rica and calling Mommy. What a lucky kid to be able to travel so many places.

    • Comment by post author


      Thank you, Kayce. There’s nothing like being able to call Mom to make everything better. We try to help them experience the world to try new things and create awesome memories. It is amazing to watch them realize the similarities with people from other countries and explore the differences that make us unique. I appreciate you listening and sharing your thoughts.