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Dosh is a cashback app that pays you for dining, shopping, and booking hotels. Simply register your credit cards with Dosh to automatically save at participating restaurants and retailers. When booking hotels through Dosh, not only will you receive competitive pricing on your room, you’ll receive up to 20% cash back from Dosh! Sign up now at and use promo code “TIMMY” to get $5 after linking your first credit card.


Hate waiting in security lines at the airport? You need a better airport experience! Receive 2 months free of a CLEAR membership for you (and your family).


Keeping track of multiple airline and hotel loyalty programs can be difficult. That’s why I use AwardWallet. This free service provides a simple dashboard where I can track all of my miles and points to ensure that none of them ever expire. Click here to sign up for your free account with AwardWallet.

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When I travel, I like to look and feel good. Bluffworks offers stylish clothing that are designed with the modern traveler in mind. The fabrics are breathable and machine washable so they’re easy to maintain. And they have many hidden pockets that are perfect for tickets, passports, and other goodies that you want to protect. Use our referral link and the promo code in the image above to save 10% off your next Bluffworks order.

I try to avoid renting cars whenever I travel. Paying for the car, gas, and parking really eats into my vacation budget. Plus, there’s the hassle of finding a parking space. But, there are some instances where you need a car for a few hours. ZipCar is an on-demand rental car agency where everything is included for one flat price. Use our link to join at to start out with $25 worth of credits in your bank.

I love being spoiled when I stay at luxury hotels on vacation. When I’m not traveling, I make sure to spoil myself at home. Nectar lets you sleep on the mattress with a 365-day trial. There is a lifetime guarantee and there’s a special offer for our listeners. Use our Nectar referral link to save $125 off and receive two free pillows!