It has been so much fun learning about cities from around the world. I’ve been to several of them before, but many of my podcast guests are from places I’ve never been (and some I’ve never thought about visiting). I hope that you’re enjoying this journey as we explore the world through the filter of a local. We uncover great things to do and amazing places to eat that most tourists will never experience.

We Travel There Podcast

The We Travel There Podcast is a weekly 30-minute podcast where we interview local experts to uncover the best things to do, eat, drink, and see in their city. The goal of the show is to help you travel like a local so you can have a better travel experience.

There are more than 40 episodes available on all of the major podcast platforms, such as Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, and TuneIn.


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I’m so happy to cross the 10,000 download mark! Big thanks to @stevestewartme for all of his help with my #travel #podcast 🎧

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United States Destinations

Within the US, we have interviewed guests from big cities and small ones. The map below shows the released episodes in red and future episodes in blue.

Some of the most popular episodes include Chattanooga, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas Casino Loyalty Programs.

If you would like to be a guest on the show, submit your info at

We Travel There podcast map US
Episodes focused on North America

International Destinations

As much as I love the US, there’s a whole world out there to explore. We’ve interviewed guests from almost every continent. No takers from Antartica yet, but we do have a couple scheduled for South America to fill in the gaps.

Some of the most popular episodes include Cancun, Krakow, and Budapest.

If you would like to be a guest on the show, submit your info at

We Travel There podcast map world
Global podcast destinations

Interactive Map of Destinations

We also offer an interactive map of all of our podcast episode destinations. With this map, you can zoom in and click to discover who the guest is for each episode.

The red pins have been released, the green have been recorded, and the yellow are scheduled for interviews. The blue pins are people who have expressed interest in being a guest, but haven’t decided on a date to record.

The Bald Thoughts

I’m excited to see how far we’ve come in six months. We’ve released over 40 episodes and have over 10,000 downloads. I would love it if you gave my podcast a rating on iTunes and left a review. This feedback tells iTunes what listeners think and helps podcasters like me reach a larger audience.

Thanks for listening! And I can’t wait for you to join me for the next 10,000 downloads…

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