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Be A High Roller With Casino Loyalty Programs – Michael Trager

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This is a special episode geared towards casino loyalty programs with my good friend Michael Trager of Travel Zork. His expertise in casino rewards can be applied anywhere, but our focus is on the best things to do in Las Vegas when gambling. By following his tips, you can get the high roller treatment even if it is your first time gambling at that casino.

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The Final Countdown

1) If a traveler could only have one meal in Las Vegas – Bouchon at the Venetian, a French bistro by Thomas Keller. It is the best place to have breakfast in Vegas. Plus there’s a patio for al fresco dining. Don’t miss the croissants! For dinner, check out the raw bar.

Vegas is known for buffets. Make sure you check out Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan. They have a fabulous buffet that is very well executed. They offer plenty of small plates so you can sample all of the goodies.

2) Favorite memory of Las Vegas – the best experiences are always fine dining with friends. One of the best was a comped dinner at Alex at the Wynn. It was a Michelin 2-star restaurant, that is now closed. He finished the dinner with sherry from 1910. It was ridiculously decadent.

Michael believes that Las Vegas is the best city to arrive at jet-lagged. You can sleep anytime, then wake up to a lively atmosphere no matter the time of day.

3) Happiest Happy Hour in Las Vegas – Basically anywhere you go in Las Vegas is a happy hour when you get free drinks for gambling. Michael offers some great tips in the show for how to find free drinks. Then he goes on to share his tips on how to maximize them so you aren’t paying for drinks during your stay.

4) Best place for pepperoni pizza in Las Vegas – Michael loves Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. It isn’t listed on the hotel’s website and doesn’t have it own website either. You either have to stumble upon it or know that it is there.

Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas Nevada Michael Trager Secret Pizza slice

Photo courtesy of Adam Sterling of The Sterling Traveler.

A special bonus is the Coney Dogs at the D Las Vegas in downtown. Michael eats his hot dogs plain… and in true high roller style, he pairs his hot dogs with comp’d champagne.

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas Nevada Michael Trager Casino Loyalty Programs TheD Dom and HotDogs

Who is Michael Trager?

Michael resides in London and travels extensively as a British Airways Executive Club Gold member. In addition, Michael is passionate about casino loyalty programs, the history of Las Vegas/Atlantic City and baccarat, as well as cooking and also enjoying foodie experiences around the globe.

He runs the Travel Zork website which focuses on finding the sweet spots of casino loyalty programs.

If you’re interested in meeting people who like casino loyalty programs and want to learn the latest tips, sign up for Zork Fest. It is a weekend focused on networking, having fun, and learning the latest strategies to maximize your rewards. The event is located in Las Vegas so you can apply what you learn immediately.

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas Nevada Michael Trager Casino Loyalty Programs in front on Delta Porsche

Here are a couple of articles that he’s written:

As you can tell, his writing is a valuable resource for anyone that loves to gamble or wants to receive big-time perks from casinos.

You can connect with Michael Trager at his website and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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