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Ride bikes at the marina with Lorena in Cutler Bay, Florida

Image by Kenny Holmes from Pixabay

Photo by Kenny Holmes from Pixabay.

I’m really excited to interview Lorena Tomasini of MALM Life and Health Insurance Agency about Cutler Bay, Florida. Lorena’s tips for the best things to do in Cutler Bay are awesome because they are so diverse and come from someone who really knows and understands both the local music scene and all of the best foodie options.

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Photo by Damon Warren from Pixabay

Photo by Damon Warren from Pixabay.

Cutler Bay, Florida

We share a lot of resources and local suggestions in today’s podcast, but you should also check out the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, the local convention and visitor’s bureau. They are a wealth of information and can help you plan an itinerary based on your time, budget, and interests.

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Photo by Natalia Balcarce Aguila from Pixabay

Photo by Natalia Balcarce Aguila from Pixabay.

Getting around Cutler Bay

The local airport is Miami International Airport (MIA), which is about a thirty-minute drive to Cutler Bay. Use our Expedia tool below to find flight, hotel, and rental car options.

Lorena says that there’s no need to rent a car when visiting Cutler Bay. It’s very walkable, and parking can be challenging. Uber and Lyft are excellent ways to get around.

If you decide to rent a car, click here for the best offers from Avis, Budget, or Hertz. When you only need a car for a couple of hours, rent by the hour with Zipcar. Join now to get $25 loaded into your account.

Best things to do in Cutler Bay Florida Lorena Tomasini Party Cake Bakery

Party Cake Bakery.

Places we talked about on the podcast

Here is a map of all of the places we talked about on the podcast episode with Lorena Tomasini about Cutler Bay, Florida. You can zoom into the map and click on each dot to explore the city.

  • Red dots = best places to eat in Cutler Bay, Florida
  • Green dots = best things to do in Cutler Bay, Florida
  • Yellow dots = best places to stay in Cutler Bay, Florida

Who is Lorena Tomasini?

Lorena Tomasini is part of a mother-daughter team offering a variety of insurance solutions to individuals, families and small business owners. She’s been working with her mother for more than 12 years. Financial protection of families and businesses is an important decision, and her team seeks to pass their knowledge on to prospects, referrals and clients in a fun and interesting way.

You can sum up her approach by saying that they “bring a modern approach to an old industry.”

a woman smiling at camera

Here are a few articles that she’s written:

You can connect with Lorena at her website and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We Travel There - Cutler Bay Florida - Lorena Tomasini - podcast one sheet

Click here to download our one-page guide of Lorena’s tips for Cutler Bay.

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Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay

Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay.

Stay tuned for our next episode

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