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Nuit Blanche, Sacre Couer & Bastille Day in Paris, France

Best things to do in Paris France - Jay Swanson - walking across the Porte de Saint-Martin

Walking across the Porte de Saint-Martin.

I’m really excited to interview Jay Swanson of Paris in my Pocket about Paris, France. Jay’s tips for the best things to do in Paris are awesome because he traveled to Nice to teach English and fell in love with Paris on a weekend trip. After his teaching gig was up, he returned home for a few years before moving to Paris in 2017. He loves the Paris lifestyle, walkability and the culture.

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Best things to do in Paris France - Jay Swanson - Arc de Triomphe photo by My Paris Portraits

Arc de Triomphe. Photo by My Paris Portraits.

Paris, France

We share a lot of resources and local suggestions in today’s podcast, but you should also check out Paris je t’aime, the local visitor’s bureau. They are a wealth of information and can help you plan an itinerary based on your time, budget, and interests.

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Best things to do in Paris France - Jay Swanson - Coffee at Partisan Café

Coffee at Partisan Café.

Getting around Paris

The local airport is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), which is about a 30-minute drive from the city. Use our Expedia tool below to find flight, hotel, and rental car options.

Jay says that if you’re staying in the heart of Paris, there’s no need to rent a car. The public transportation in Paris is excellent and affordable. Visitors can access trains, the subway, trams, buses, and more with single-use tickets or multi-use passes good for a day, week, or month.

Taxis, Uber and Lyft are excellent ways to get around.

However, if you want to travel outside the city, like to visit the beaches of Normandy or the wine country, you may choose to rent a car. For the best rental car offers, visit Avis, Budget, or Hertz.

Best things to do in Paris France - Jay Swanson - in front of the Hôtel de Ville

In front of the Hôtel de Ville.

Places we talked about on the Paris, France podcast

Here is a map of all of the places we talked about on the podcast episode with Jay Swanson about Paris, France. You can zoom into the map and click on each dot to explore the city.

  • Red dots = best places to eat in Paris, France
  • Green dots = best things to do in Paris, France
  • Yellow dots = best places to stay in Paris, France

Who is Jay Swanson?

Jay Swanson arrived in Paris in 2017 for a job that didn’t exist on a visa no one had ever seen before. Somehow, he made it work. He’s an American author and YouTuber who shared his entire experience starting over in Paris through daily vlogs – including finding all of the most delicious niche and international spots to eat across the city.

Today, his videos, guide, and recommendations have led thousands of happy visitors to have the trip of a lifetime in the City of Light.


Cooper and Jay on the pyramid at the Louvre.

Jay wanted to share these links with our listeners:

You can connect with Jay on his website and on Instagram and YouTube.

We Travel There - Paris France - Jay Swanson - podcast one sheet

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Best things to do in Paris France - Jay Swanson - Rue des Bergers in the 15th with Eiffel Tower in background photo by My Paris Portraits

Rue des Bergers in the 15th with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Photo by My Paris Portraits.

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