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Saguaro National Park, Pima Air Museum & UofA Telescope in Tucson, Arizona

Best things to do in Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner - Bear Canyon

Bear Canyon.

I’m really excited to interview Matt Miner, founder and CEO of Miner Wealth Management, and host of Work Pants Finance Podcast, about Tucson, Arizona. Matt’s tips for the best things to do in Tucson are awesome because his parents opened a bed and breakfast here in 1995, and he visits them on a regular basis. He loves the Sonoran Desert and hiking in the local mountains.

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Best things to do in Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner - San Xavier del Bac Mission by Michelle_Raponi on Pixabay 278452

San Xavier del Bac Mission. Photo by Michelle_Raponi on Pixabay.

Tucson, Arizona

We share a lot of resources and local suggestions in today’s podcast, but you should also check out Visit Tucson, the local visitor’s bureau. They are a wealth of information and can help you plan an itinerary based on your time, budget, and interests.

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Best things to do in Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner - Convair F-102 and friends courtesy of Pima Air and Space Museum

Convair F-102 and friends. Photo courtesy of Pima Air and Space Museum.

Getting around Tucson

The local airport is Tucson International Airport (TUS), which is about a twenty-minute drive to downtown. Use our Expedia tool below to find flight, hotel, and rental car options.

Matt says that, when visiting Tucson, you need to rent a car. For the best rental car offers, visit Avis, Budget, or Hertz. Parking is readily available, and public transportation is only available downtown.

The Sun Link Streetcar links the UofA campus with four downtown-area shopping/dining/entertainment districts. The Sun Tran bus service offers more than 40 routes through the city, including 13 express routes. Uber and Lyft are excellent ways to get around.

When you only need a car for a couple of hours, you can rent by the hour with Zipcar. Join now to get $25 loaded into your account.

Best things to do in Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner - Jeremiah Inn Bed and Breakfast pool and view

Jeremiah Inn Bed and Breakfast pool and view.

Places we talked about on the Tucson, Arizona podcast

Here is a map of all of the places we talked about on the podcast episode with Matt Miner about Tucson, Arizona. You can zoom into the map and click on each dot to explore the city.

  • Red dots = best places to eat in Tucson, Arizona
  • Green dots = best things to do in Tucson, Arizona
  • Yellow dots = best places to stay in Tucson, Arizona

Who is Matt Miner?

Matt Miner, CFP®, MBA is the Founder & CEO of Miner Wealth Management where he helps MBAs, entrepreneurs, and high-income folk make a plan, save and invest, and not get killed on taxes. Matt’s clients make financial plans to live great lives now and in the future – including funding their travel goals! We also address other life and money topics including taxes, investments, budgeting, career planning, estate planning, and insurance planning.

Matt also hosts the Work Pants Finance podcast where he and his guests share great conversations about life and money.

Matt graduated from b-school with an impressive $225,000 student loan balance. In 2010, Matt and his wife Charity rolled up their sleeves and, over about three years, repaid that ugly debt. Through that debt-payoff journey, Matt became interested in helping people with personal finance and wealth management.

In 2018, he left traditional corporate work to become a financial advisor. In 2021, Matt launched Miner Wealth Management, an independent, fee-only, fiduciary advisor headquartered in Raleigh, NC, where Matt serves clients locally, and all around the United States.

Outside work, Matt and Charity like to spend time together with their three amazing and entrepreneurial children. Matt enjoys all kinds of travel, trail running, and listening to Audible.

Best things to do in Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner with family at Bear Canyon - Lucy, Ben, Matt, Josh, and Charity

Matt Miner with family at Bear Canyon – from left: Lucy, Ben, Matt, Josh, and Charity.

Here are a few of his podcast episodes and videos:

You can connect with Matt on his website and on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We Travel There - Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner - podcast one sheet

Click here to download our one-page guide of Matt’s tips for Tucson.

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Best things to do in Tucson Arizona - Matt Miner - El Sinaloense Sonoran Hot Dog

El Sinaloense Sonoran Hot Dog.

Stay tuned for our next episode

Listen to the next episode when Scott Brills of Pamoja Safaris shares the best things to do in Arusha, Tanzania. In this episode, Scott and I talk about going on safari in the Serengeti National Park, exploring the inactive volcano at Mt Meru, and visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s biggest intact volcanic caldera. We hope you’ll join us when We Travel There.

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